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Have A Better Looking Teeth


Zac Efron has made quite a big name for himself in the movie industry with box office hits and musicals under his belt. Having gotten the big head start of his career through the High School Musical film series, it has opened his career to new doors. However, before his big film debut, in the […]

Braces Are Made Of Non-Magnetic Material


These days, more people realize that attaining professional braces can help optimize their appearance. Nevertheless, many of these individuals lack basic information regarding braces that would give them the confidence to pursue the procedure. To help you get started, review some of these basic facts: 1. Celebrities Wear Braces. Although many people associate braces with […]

Ceramic Braces Great for Gainesville Adults

Photo credit: Vardhman Dental Care / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

If you have misaligned, crowded, or widely spaced teeth that are causing you discomfort like having trouble forming a proper bite, or feeling embarrassed when you smile, you may as well be searching for solutions to fix your dental worries. Seeing an expert orthodontist to have braces installed comes to mind as soon as you […]

How Will I Know If I Need Braces?


Did you know that Tom Cruise wears braces? In 2002, Tom Cruise had ceramic braces to help straighten his teeth. Ceramic braces are made from composite materials and give the advantage of blending into the look of the teeth, instead of wearing the traditional silver braces. Ceramic braces can be an off white color to […]

Correcting An Unhealthy Smile


The common main objectives of parenting are to provide excellent resources, insist on suitable role models, and ensure that children receive prompt medical attention. Proper health and hygiene habits that are enforced in early childhood typically carry on well into adulthood. When the time comes for an adolescent to get braces, a parent must explain […]

Understanding Surgical Orthodontics

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Pervasive jaw issues sometimes require surgical orthodontics, also known as orthognatic surgery, to correct underlying jaw issues. Wilson Orthodontics provides you with the services of a top-tier orthodontic surgeon. Surgical orthodontics takes over when standard orthodontic treatment isn’t enough. When you need the best care for your family, it’s important to understand the role of […]

Top 10 Attractions for Kids Near Gainesville GA

10 Places of Interest

Share this Image On Your Site Please include attribution to http://www.wilsonbraces.com/ with this graphic. As a Father and orthodontist in Gainesville, Dr. Wilson knows how important it is to keep his children and young patients entertained. North Georgia has an enormous number of attractions that will keep your kids occupied not just at the weekends […]

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