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Our Blog

Smile To Change The World

October 16th, 2014

"Use your smile to change the world, but don't let the world change your smile." Pay attention to great smile quotes because they are giving you excellent advice. Your smile can be a bright spot in a person's life, the one thing that lights up a dark day. Many times, a smile can help others when they are down. If you are ashamed of your smile because you have problems with crowding, spacing, or the alignment of your teeth, you owe it to yourself and the world to find a solution. People love to see smiles. Give them something to be happy about - think about Cleveland orthodontics.

An Orthodontist Has the Key

Visit an orthodontist to express your concerns with your smile. You'll be able to get Cleveland orthodontic quotes and find out about your options. The first step will involve an examination. Your orthodontist will be likely to use medical imagery as well in order to get a true assessment of any orthodontic concern. The next step is to come up with the best way to give you the smile that you have been dreaming about. Orthodontists are in the business of creating beautiful smiles one patient at a time. You need to remember that having orthodontic work on your teeth will provide you with many benefits. You will experience a boost in your self-confidence when you can look in the mirror and flash that smile. You'll be able to maintain better oral hygiene and head off problems with TMJ disorders if your teeth are in proper alignment. When your bite and teeth are aligned properly, you'll look and feel better.

Make an Appointment with Your Orthodontist Today

Visit us to find out more about your orthodontic options. Make an appointment for your first consultation so that you can get an expert's opinion. An orthodontist can help you to find a plan that works when it comes to your orthodontic concerns, giving you an irresistible smile. All it takes is a phone call to get started on the path to straight, pearly whites.

Wilson Orthodontics 1220 Sherwood Park Drive NE, Gainesville, GA
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Smile To Change The World

Live, Smile and Forgive

October 9th, 2014

Smile quotes are all around us. "Smile and forgive. It's the only way to live," is one of the best quotes that will follow you throughout your life. Holding on to hurts will only hurt you. When you grace others with a smile and let go of the past, you free yourself. If you find that it is hard to pull out your smile because you have problems with your teeth, you owe it to yourself to consider a visit to an orthodontist Cleveland has to offer. Regardless of whatever orthodontic problems you have, whether your teeth are too crowded, spaced too far apart, or have issues with your bite, there is an orthodontic solution that will work for you.

Think About Your Options

When you visit your Cleveland GA orthodontist, you'll be able to learn more about your options. There have been many advances in the world of orthodontics, providing you with many alternatives to transform your smile. Clear aligners, such as Invisalign, are one of the most popular forms of orthodontic correction. They allow you to wear removable aligners that are practically invisible. Lingual braces are worn behind the teeth, providing you with another option that is not visible. You can also opt for clear or colored brackets. The Damon system is relatively new on the scene and offers you orthodontic correction that utilizes the existing space in your mouth. The only way that you will find out the best path to that beautiful smile is by making an appointment.

Learn More About Orthodontic Options Today

Visit and find out what Wilson Orthodontics can do for you. When you make your initial appointment, you'll be able to meet the helpful staff. You'll also talk with your orthodontist. Through the use of x-rays, medical imagery, and a physical exam, the orthodontist can determine your problem areas. Together, you and your orthodontist will then be able to discuss treatment alternatives, costs, and the length of treatment. You owe it to yourself to learn how you can have a smile that shines every day.

Wilson Orthodontics 1220 Sherwood Park Drive NE, Gainesville, GA
30501 678-971-2458
Live, Smile and Forgive

What Makes Invisalign Unique Among Others?

October 7th, 2014

Malocclusion or poor teeth alignment is a problem that has been around for centuries. Specialists have created a wide variety of solutions to correct alignment problems. Metal braces used to be the most widely used corrective method for teeth alignment issues until innovative experts came up with comfortable alternative solutions. Invisalign is a system that became known in approximately 1997. Invisalign is a unique teeth alignment correction device that differs greatly from other types of systems. Only specially trained orthodontists can implement the Invisalign system, and currently more than 20,000 alignment specialists have taken the training. Therefore, Invisalign is becoming a common and preferred choice among patients.

What Makes Invisalign Unique?

Various aspects of Invisalign make it unique among other corrective methods. First, the Invisalign system consists of a set of plastic aligners. Other treatment methods consist of metal brackets that the orthodontist arranges in various ways. While alternative metal brackets do provide some level of comfort over traditional braces, Invisalign provides a superior level of comfort over all alternatives.

A patient can remove the Invisalign system. Removal is not an option with other braces. The versatility of the Invisalign system allows a person to freely perform hygienic tasks such as brushing the teeth and flossing. Additionally, a patient can remove his or her aligners during breakfast, lunch and dinner. The person will have a stronger ability to chew his or her food and clean the teeth afterward so no particles become stuck in the mouth.

Other Benefits of Invisalign

The Dahlonega GA Invisalign system can give a patient a shorter treatment and healing time. The average healing time for traditional braces is between two and three years. The Invisalign system’s design allows the patient to heal in less than one year in many cases. Some patients may have a longer healing time, but the unit’s innovations will cut the time down drastically.

Patients who have tried Gainesville GA Invisalign have attested to its discretion and comfort. Traditional braces can cause cuts in the inside of the mouth, slurred speech and other nuisances. The Invisalign system is easy on the oral cavity, and it does not hinder the speech as much as other solutions do.

How Does Invisalign Work?

The orthodontist first meets with a patient to examine him or her and discuss the treatment plan. He or she then creates a set of aligners that fit the patient’s mouth perfectly. The aligners work to pull the teeth together in the same manner that traditional braces pull them together. The difference is that the Invisalign patient will have to change the aligners every few weeks. Over time, the teeth will shift into their new position, and the patient can enjoy a straightened smile.

Where to Get Invisalign

Patients can only receive Invisalign treatment from orthodontists who are trained to install them. Wilson Orthodontics has several specialists that can implement the plastic aligner treatment. All orthodontists in the office are friendly and personable, and they share the same goal of restoring smiles as quickly as possible. Interested persons can call 770-536-0882 to schedule a consultation.

Wilson Orthodontics 1220 Sherwood Park Drive NE, Gainesville, GA
30501 678-971-2458
What Makes Invisalign Unique Among Others?

Are Traditional Braces Cheaper than Invisalign?

October 7th, 2014

The cost of alignment correction systems is often a concern for interested patients. Some people may believe that traditional braces are costly. However, a person can obtain cheap traditional braces through a number of programs. Compassionate orthodontists are always willing to work with their patients by accepting insurance policies and providing alternative payment methods. Anyone who is thinking about orthodontic treatment can speak with a financial coordinator about his or her options. Affordable payment options are available for the Invisalign Dawsonville GA system, as well. Invisalign uses a newer technology than traditional braces, but the newest technology does not necessarily cost more.

Are Traditional Braces Cheaper Than Invisalign?

The cost of a person’s orthodontic treatment depends on a number of factors. The severity of the alignment problem can affect the price of the treatment because complex problems can take more visits. A complex alignment problem may also require additional efforts from the orthodontist such as tooth extractions or minor surgery. Another element that affects the price of teeth alignment treatment is the size of the mouth. Adult orthodontia will cost more than child orthodontia will cost. The materials and the design that the orthodontist uses can change the pricing of a treatment plan. For example, a colorful set of braces will cost more than a plain set of braces.

Some patients only require straightening of the top or bottom row of teeth. Such a procedure will have a significantly less expense than a full set of braces or aligners. Furthermore, the cost of treatment will depend on the orthodontist, his or her level of education, and the location of the office. Some states have a lower average cost for dental care than other states have. An exact quote of an orthodontic procedure requires a consultation with a professional.

In many cases, an orthodontist can work with a patient to ensure that the price of Gainesville GA Invisalign is just as affordable as the price of traditional braces. As stated before, many options are available to help a person afford an orthodontic care. Third-party financial companies are available to provide long-term installment loans to people who need help obtaining braces or Invisalign today. These companies make tooth alignment easy and affordable. Patients can use such assistance to obtain help with the balance that the insurance company does not pay.

Scheduling a Consultation

Wilson Orthodontics is a family-oriented establishment with friendly faces, immaculate offices, and state-of-the-art technology. Dr. Wilson is delighted to help any person who needs guidance on teeth alignment processes. The element that sets Wilson Orthodontics apart from other offices is that the specialists take their time to explain dental processes in ways that patients can fully understand.

Schedule a complimentary consultation today by calling 770-536-0882 or visit our website. Someone will call back as quickly as possible to schedule a time for the orthodontist to provide assistance.

Wilson Orthodontics 1220 Sherwood Park Drive NE, Gainesville, GA
30501 678-971-2458
Are Traditional Braces Cheaper than Invisalign?

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