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How Can Invisalign Straighten an Adult’s Teeth?

October 28th, 2014

Invisalign is an innovative new alignment correction system that can straighten adult’s teeth in a comfortable manner. Gainesville GA Invisalign is like no other system of correction that has ever appeared in the orthodontic industry. The system consists of plastic aligners as opposed to the metal brackets of traditional braces. Patients can remove the plastic aligners when they need to brush their teeth or eat. Many patients prefer the new system because of its convenience and comfort. The plastic aligners are less abrasive than metal brackets, but they are sturdy enough to cause significant results in record time.

How Does Invisalign Straighten Adult s Teeth?

The Invisalign system is complex, and it requires an extensive consultation with an orthodontist. The orthodontist must have the required training to install the system into the patient’s mouth. The initial meeting will consist of a series of X-rays that will give the orthodontist insight as to the patient’s degree of malocclusion. The orthodontist will perform a manual examination of the patient’s mouth, as well. Next, the orthodontist will use his or her analysis skills to develop a plan that can work to restore the patient’s smile promptly and precisely. The patient can choose from a multitude of options from the Invisalign Sherwood Park drive clinic.

The orthodontist will first need to create a set of aligners that fit the patient’s mouth precisely. This process requires the patient to undergo an impression, which is a mold of his or her teeth. The orthodontist will create several sets of aligners, and the aligners will bring the teeth together over time. The patient will need to change aligners every few weeks so that the tightening process goes smoothly. The length of Invisalign treatment varies from patient to patient. Some patients have had success in a little over a year, while other patients have had success in less than a year’s time.

The Benefits of Invisalign

Many benefits exist with the Invisalign system. The most prominent benefit is the high level of discretion that the system provides. Only the patient will know that he or she is using the device. Many adults prefer to use Invisalign because of such discretion. They can live normal personal lives, and they can perform their job duties perfectly while they have their teeth alignment issues resolved. Another benefit of Invisalign is that it allows a patient to maintain dental health. None of the challenges that exist with standard braces is apparent with Invisalign.

Ask About Invisalign Today

Wilson Orthodontics specializes in Invisalign treatment for its patients. The office offers a complimentary consultation that prospective patients can use to see if they qualify for the system. A person who is interested in the virtually invisible system can contact the office to schedule such a consultation. He or she can do so with a phone call or a brief online form. Call us at 770-967-8462 for persons who live in the Flowery Branch area, 706-865-0081 for Cleveland area residents and 770-536-0882 for Gainesville area residents.

Wilson Orthodontics 1220 Sherwood Park Drive NE, Gainesville, GA
30501 678-971-2458
How Can Invisalign Straighten an Adult’s Teeth?

A Thousand Reasons To Smile

October 23rd, 2014

When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life you have a thousand reasons to smile. Listen to positive smile quotes. They are words to live by. No matter how hard life may be, a smile can make a difference. It can pick up your spirits and spread joy to others. People deserve to see your smile, allowing you to give happiness to everywhere you go. If you are keeping your smile to yourself because you are not happy with your teeth, it's time to do something about it. Whether your teeth are not aligned properly or you have an issue with your bite, the treatment for orthodontics Cleveland has to offer could be the answer.

Don't Let the Cost of Orthodontics Get in Your Way

You may have held off on getting orthodontic work because of the expenses. While it is true that orthodontic treatment will be an investment, it is an investment for your own good. You're making your well-being a top priority. A beautiful smile will improve your self-esteem and allow you to have better hygiene. You will find that each time you flash your pearly whites; you are opening doors to opportunities. Your teeth will look better and feel better as well when they are easier to maintain. You owe it to yourself to ask for orthodontic quotes from your orthodontist in order to get started. Discover financing options, how much may be covered with insurance, and learn about ways to make your orthodontic work affordable.

Act Now and Have a Reason to Smile

It is time to stop procrastinating when it comes to your smile.  Set up your first consultation to discuss your concerns with your orthodontist. Through examination and the use of technology, it will be possible to discover all of your options. Explore costs and find out which plan will be best for you. You can have a smile that lights up a room. Don't hide it any longer. Find out how a trip to an orthodontist could change your life. Stop by at Wilson Orthodontics and find out more about orthodontic solutions.

Wilson Orthodontics 1220 Sherwood Park Drive NE, Gainesville, GA
30501 678-971-2458
A Thousand Reasons To Smile

Treatment Time for Damon System

October 21st, 2014

All people want everything to be done faster. The same applies when they are having their teeth straightened out. Because of this, a lot of orthodontists have been using self-ligating braces to do the job.

One of the most popular options in a Flowery Branch orthodontics treatment regimen is the Damon System. With its unique technology, it guarantees a much shorter time treatment than conventional braces.

Time Does Matter

Patients who have chosen to use the Damon System for their orthodontic treatment have reported to be off of braces in less than six months to a year. Aside from that, noticeable differences are said to be realized after a few weeks of having the braces applied. The main reason for this is that the braces are self-ligating. This removes the need for elastic ties and allows the brackets to move freely along the arch wire. The process reduces friction thus allowing treatment to be faster for a patient. This is not the case when patients choose conventional braces to straighten their teeth. As a matter of fact, conventional treatment can last two to three years.

More Proof

To show that the Damon System treatment time is much shorter than conventional alternatives, a recent study was held in three different orthodontic clinics in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The sample consisted of 215 patients with 107 using conventional braces and the remaining using the Damon system.

Out of the 215 surveyed, a significant difference was noted when the patients were asked whether they felt that their length of treatment was longer, shorter or exactly what they expected. Patients who choose to use Damon orthodontics felt that the length of treatments was shorter than what they had expected. This was not the case for non-Damon patients who thought that their treatment took longer than expected.

Patient Record Analysis

Aside from that, analysis of clinic treatment times and the number of appointments needed to complete treatment also yielded huge differences between non-Damon and Damon patients. Each of the three clinics reported a significantly lower treatment time for Damon cases. As a matter of fact, the results showed that a Damon patient was treated in an average of 6.33 months less than those who were treated using conventional twin brackets.

Each of the three orthodontic clinics also indicated a significant decrease in the number of office visits required for a Damon patient. The study showed that they were treated with seven fewer appointments. What is even better is that the majority of patients who used the Damon System reported greater satisfaction with their treatment.

A Good Treatment Just for Anyone

With its shorter treatment times, Damon is the perfect solution for any person who wants to straighten out their teeth regardless of their age. It helps provide a perfect smile and can aid in turning back time to achieve a more youthful appearance. Want to experience this? Ask Wilson Orthodontics, a Damon System Flowery Branch GA orthodontic team.

Wilson Orthodontics 1220 Sherwood Park Drive NE, Gainesville, GA
30501 678-971-2458
Treatment Time for Damon System

Smile To Change The World

October 16th, 2014

"Use your smile to change the world, but don't let the world change your smile." Pay attention to great smile quotes because they are giving you excellent advice. Your smile can be a bright spot in a person's life, the one thing that lights up a dark day. Many times, a smile can help others when they are down. If you are ashamed of your smile because you have problems with crowding, spacing, or the alignment of your teeth, you owe it to yourself and the world to find a solution. People love to see smiles. Give them something to be happy about - think about Cleveland orthodontics.

An Orthodontist Has the Key

Visit an orthodontist to express your concerns with your smile. You'll be able to get Cleveland orthodontic quotes and find out about your options. The first step will involve an examination. Your orthodontist will be likely to use medical imagery as well in order to get a true assessment of any orthodontic concern. The next step is to come up with the best way to give you the smile that you have been dreaming about. Orthodontists are in the business of creating beautiful smiles one patient at a time. You need to remember that having orthodontic work on your teeth will provide you with many benefits. You will experience a boost in your self-confidence when you can look in the mirror and flash that smile. You'll be able to maintain better oral hygiene and head off problems with TMJ disorders if your teeth are in proper alignment. When your bite and teeth are aligned properly, you'll look and feel better.

Make an Appointment with Your Orthodontist Today

Visit us to find out more about your orthodontic options. Make an appointment for your first consultation so that you can get an expert's opinion. An orthodontist can help you to find a plan that works when it comes to your orthodontic concerns, giving you an irresistible smile. All it takes is a phone call to get started on the path to straight, pearly whites.

Wilson Orthodontics 1220 Sherwood Park Drive NE, Gainesville, GA
30501 678-971-2458
Smile To Change The World

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